ASObjC Explorer 4 Discontinued

For application scripting, Script Debugger has long been the AppleScript editor of choice. Its debugging tools and library explorer have made it an indispensable tool for serious scripters. But version 5 of Script Debugger was released before AppleScriptObjC was available directly in AppleScript.

The absence of a script editor that could deal with AppleScriptObjC code is what lead to the development of what became ASObjC Explorer. Writing AppleScriptObjC code in an editor that cannot display Cocoa objects can be ridiculously difficult, and ASObjC Explorer emerged to fill that gap.

But the process of using one editor for application scripting and another for AppleScriptObjC scripting is a distraction and complication. It’s all AppleScript, and I have long believed it should all be do-able in one place.

For this reason I am delighted to have been involved in the development of Script Debugger 6. Its AppleScriptObjC code completion will be familiar to users of ASObjC Explorer, but goes further. And Script Debugger 6’s ability to step through scripts and explore Cocoa results, to the point of being able to explore the contents of collection classes, will, I think, delight.

In the light of this, ASObjC Explorer is being discontinued. Barring any surprises that turn up in Sierra, version 4.1.17 will be the last release. The application will continue to function, but there will be no further development.

You can read more about Script Debugger 6 HERE.