ASObjC Explorer 3 Change History

Changes from version 3.2.2 to 3.2.3

Code-completion change. Code-completion will now recognize the name of a class from a loaded framework when used in the possessive form, even if not preceded by "current application's ".

Bug fix. Choosing the Run command with the library uncompiled could, in some circumstances, lose the last change made to the script. This no longer happens.

Mailing list. A private mailing list has been set up for registered users interested in discussing new features and pre-release testing. If you would like to be on the list, please choose the Help -> Send Feedback... menu item.

Changes from version 3.2.0 to 3.2.2

Code-completion enhancements. Code-completion has been enhanced for relevance. As part of this, Explorer supports new variable-naming conventions. Please read the section entitled 'Contextual Completion' in the Help file for more details.

Bug fix. Choosing 'Look Up in AppKiDo' from the contetual menu in the Library Pane erroneously entered the resulting script in the log. This no longer happens.

Sparkle update. A newer version of the Sparkle update framework is included. If you choose automatic updates, they should now happen automatically.

Updated scripts and user shortcuts. You can extract these from the application's bundle, or remove the existing ones and relaunch the application to have them instlled automatically.

Updated example scripts. These have been updated to reflect the new variable naming conventions. You can download them here.

Changes from version 3.1.1 to 3.2.0

Event logging. A checkbox above the Result pane adds traditional Apple event logging to the Result pane. This setting is independent of normal logging.

Sidebar width limit removed. As a consequence of Apple event logging, the limit on the width of the Sidebar has been removed. If you drag the divider far enough to the right, the Script/Utilties area will collapse. Use the Sidebar button in the toolbar to reveal it again.

Threading option. Previous versions of Explorer ran on a background thread when not logging, and on the main thread when logging. Now both default to running in the background. A new checkbox above the Calling Script pane lets you override this, so scripts that use timers and callbacks, and therefore need to be run on the main thread, can be accommodated.

Scripting improvements. The library name is now exposed to scripting (the 'exported library name' property). Documents have new 'placeholder' elements, and ranges have a 'marked as placeholder' property. The 'range' element has a new name property that can be used as a specifier. The form 'range "x:y"' refers to the text from character x to character y. The form 'range "x,y"' refers to the range starting at character x and extending for y characters. There are also some scripting-related bug fixes: the version property can be specified when saving, new documents no longer open empty, range elements work more logically, and frameworks are included in scripted exports where specified. See the scripting dictionary for details.

Automatic block completion. A new option will enable automatic insertion of the end of AppleScript blocks (end tell, etc).

Find command in contextual menus. Contextual menus in the various editing panes include a Find command that will initiate a search for the selected text. Some contextual menu inconsistencies have also been removed.

Change in log command. If you use the AppleScript 'log' command, the value will be logged in the Result pane if you have Event logging on, or if you choose Run & Log. Adding the time to such entries is now the default, but can be turned of in Preferences.

Logging improvements. Logging is improved, especially on non-English systems, and in many cases faster.

Better syntax coloring. Some syntax coloring anomolies have been removed.

More sample scripts. These can be downloaded using the link in the Download box on this page.

Improved performance. Several changes have been made to improve performance.

Bug fixes. Attempts to recompile potentially released pointers have been eliminated. Other minor bugs squashed.

Changes from version 3.1.0 to 3.1.1

Export crashes. Fixes bug that could cause intermittent crashes when exporting libraries.

Breakpoint logging. Adding or removing a breakpoint caused an event to be logged in the Log pane. Fixed.

Line-wrapping buttons. The buttons that toggle line-wrapping have had their tooltips restored.

New command. Deploy (command-D) is a new command in the File menu that exports a library to your Script Libraries folder without a dialog, overwiting if needed. See the Help document for full details.

Changes from version 3.0.11 to 3.1

Compile indicator and Variables menu. When a script is compiled, a green indicator light will appear near the right-end of the area above the library script. Clicking on this indicator will show a list of all variables used in the library script, in alphabetical order, and choosing one will initiate a search for it.

Escaping of tabs and linebreaks. In Preferences -> General, you can now turn on an option to have tabs, returns and linefeeds used in strings compile to \t, \r and \n. You can also choose to have the escaped characters appear in a different color.

Auto-incrementing bundle version. A new option in Preferences -> General will result in the exported library bundle version incrementing each time a library is exported. The bundle version will now also appear in the export save panel.

Change in linebreaks. From now on when you compile, all linebreaks in code will be linefeeds instead of returns, except inside quoted strings and block comments. This won't affect anything directly (except if you cut and paste into another app, and even there it doesn't really matter). As a consequence, the preference to save .applescript files with linefeeds has disappeared because that will now always be the case. (But unlike before, literal returns in quoted strings and comments will be retained.)

Select Block changes. The Select Block command has been renamed as Balance to reflect the fact that it now starts at a lower level, balancing within quotes, piped variable names, and the various bracket pairs.

AppleScript version string changes. If you choose 'Include "use AppleScript"' in Preferences -> General, you can choose whether the version currently running will be inserted, or a version string of your choosing. (The default is to override with 2.3.1; nobody should be running Macs with Mavericks unpatched for the SSL bug.)

Navigation menu fixes and improvements. It now works properly if you hold the option key to show handlers in alphabetical order. It's also wider, and automatically changes to reflect the cursor's position.

Copyright string change. In Preferences -> General, you can now enter %Y in the default copyright string, and it will be replaced by the current year at the time a new document is created. This affects both the copyright string included in the script (if you choose to include it) and the value in the Lib Info pane.

Default window settings change. This will now also store the value for Export Run-Only in the Lib Info pane, and whether the sidebar is collapsed.

New commands in Help menu. These take you to the Web site or generate a feedback email.

Library export change. The dialog will now default to pointing to the user's Script Libraries folder, if it exists.

New shortcuts. Command-shift-L for the Navigation menu, and command-0 for Toggle Sidebar.

View menu validation. The latter menu items now validate.

Change to + button in Dictionary Pane. Clicking on this button will make the menu pop up straight away, rather than requiring to be held down.

Scripting changes. Fixed saving of native files. The document 'properties' property is back. Fixed a bug with the 'parent statement' property. The 'using linefeeds' property is retained for compatability, but always returns true. The 'compile' command no longer gets ahead of itself.

Improved line-numbering. Fixes long-standing glitches in drawing of line numbers when scrolling very long documents.

UI changes. Cosmetic improvements to UI for Retina screen Macs.

QuickLook improvements. QuickLook previews of items in the Resources list now stay up-to-date.

Autosave changes.Autosaving is now attempted after adding/renaming/moving items in the Resources list, marking the document dirty.

Quote selection. Double-clicking on a double-quote character will select the quoted text plus its quote marks.

Resources list changes. Fixes bug that caused error when compiling after replacing a file with a new version of the same name in the Resources list. Also adds a contextual menu.

Option to remove breakpoint animation. Those who object can disable it using the shell command:

defaults write IAmABreakPointKilljoy 1

Open with External Editor advanced option. You can now open an item in the Resources list in its default application via a new menu item in the Action menu. Depending on the document, this can cause crashes, and it is not enabled by default. To enable this option, use the shell command:

defaults write showExternalEditorMenuItem 1

To disable it, use the shell command:

defaults write showExternalEditorMenuItem 0

Sundry minor bug fixes.