Automating Computer Management

Apple Remote Desktop has always been the preferred tool used by network admins and educators to manage labs and groups of Macs. But now it's even better. Apple Remote Desktop 3 ships with over 30 built-in Automator actions, allowing you to automate administrative tasks and create powerful click-to-setup tools for staff and others using your managed networks.

Watch a free video introducing you, step-by-step, to the simple process of creating powerful computer management tools using Automator and Remote Desktop.

TIP: Creating a Remote Desktop Smart Group

Here's a tip to provide you with easier access to the Remote Desktop actions.

When the Action Library is set to display by Category (View > Arrange Actions by > Category), the actions for the Remote Desktop application are grouped within the Utilties category, mixed with the other actions of this section.

To make it possible to view only the actions for Remote Desktop with a single mouse -click, create a Smart Group for them by following these steps:

Choose New Smart Group from the pop-down menu that appears when you click the library control button at the bottom left of the Automator workflow window:

In the forthcoming dialog sheet, name the Smart Group "Remote Desktop" and create a rule to search all actions based on their required application named "Remote Desktop":

Set the matching actions to be sorted by name, and click the OK button to create a new Smart Group.

The new Smart Group will appear below the Categories in the Library list. Click it to reveal all of the actions for just the Remote Desktop applications.