Automator Topics

Automator is used in a wide variety of ways within Mac OS X and its hosted applications. This section provides links to training videos and example workflows and collections.


Automator Workflows

Click to view topic.Step-by-step tutorials to create workflows addressing a variety of scenarios, from simple Finder file re-naming to advanced publishing techniques.

Automator Actions & Collections

Click to view topic.One of the great strengths of Automator is its ability to add to its functionality by installing extra actions. This page contains example actions with their corresponding Xcode project files, as well as example collections of actions and workflows addressing specific applications or needs.


NEW! Create Shell Script Action

Click to view topic.A step-by-step tutorial in how to create and Shell Script-based Automator action.

Rendered Narrations • 13:48

Create slideshows that speak for themselves! A step-by-step tutorial on how to render the presenter notes of Keynote slides, using the built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X. The videos on this page were created using the techniques shown in this tutorial. • Example Files


Video • Intro to Automator • 7:10

For those new to Automator, this introduction will explain what Automator is and how it works. (transcript)

Video • Starting Points • 3:45

For those new to Automator, the Starting Points feature will guide you through the process of beginning a new workflow document.

Video • Streamlined Interface • 6:00

An overview of how the new streamlined interface in Automator makes it easy to quickly access information and data.

Video • Virtual User Mode • 3:38

Automator's new record function let's you control applications that have no integrated automation support.

Video • Workflow Looping • 4:37

The new loop action in Automator let's you create workflows that repeat a specified number of times, or for a specified duration.