Podcasts from MacBreak Dev

MacBreak Dev offers weekly video podcasts of interest to developers, with particular focus on the topic of automation. Join Product Manager for Automation Technologies, Sal Soghoian, and host Alex Lindsay, as they explore creative uses of AppleScript, Services, and Automator.

010 • One-Click Disk Images

Create an Automator workflow, available from the Finder contextual menu, that creates a new formatted disk image using the selected Finder items.

012 • Computer Management (Pt1)

Automating the management of remote computers using Automator and Remote Desktop.

013 • Computer Management (Pt2)

Continuing the topic of automating computer management, begun in episode 12, with a detailed examination of how to create custom Automator actions for Remote Desktop.

004 • Automated Database Publishing

Using AppleScript to transfer data and images from a FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Expression databases to an InDesign document layout, with all of the relevant formatting applied.

005 • Automated Database Publishing

Using Automator to transfer data and images from a FileMaker Pro database to a Pages document layout, with all of the relevant formatting applied.

008 • Creating AppleScript Droplets

How to save a script as an AppleScript droplet, that will process items dragged-onto its icon.

006 • Welcome to the Party!

Constructing an Automator workflow, using workflow variables and a Mac OS X screen saver, that dynamically displays snapshots of your party guests on your TV.

009 • Slideshow using iWeb Album (Pt1)

Using Automator to create a Keynote slideshow containing images downloaded from an iWeb website.

011 • Slideshow using iWeb Album (Pt2)

A detailed examination of the Automator action Xcode project files used in Episode 9.

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