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Links to online resources about Services.

Services in the Press

  • Daring Fireball • “My single favorite improvement in Snow Leopard is the overhaul to system-wide Services.” — John Gruber
  • Macworld • “I'm thrilled to report... that services are now not only really useful, but more powerful than in any prior OS X release.” — Rob Griffiths
  • Chicago Sun-Times • “The Services Menu now actually does something. I have to pick this as my second-favorite single feature of Snow Leopard.” — Andy Ihnatko
  • New York Times • “The old Services feature has been reborn as powerful commands that appear only when relevant — and you can modify, make up or assign keystrokes to them.” — David Pogue
  • MacBreak • “This is revolutionary… Just by itself—if Apple did nothing else to Snow Leopard—this would be worth the upgrade.” — Alex Lindsay


3rd-Party Service Collections

  • KavaServices • Services to translate, search, encode, calculate, convert and more.
  • Dropbox • A service for posting Finder disk items to Dropbox.

Automator/Services Articles

  • Macworld • How to create a Service in Snow Leopard
  • Macworld • How to create a Service for assigning the default application of files
  • Macworld • Service for easily adding items to iTunes
  • George Starcher • Resetting a time stamp workflow