'AppleScriptObjC Explored'

This book is no longer available

Note that the current edition of this book (5ed) covers Mavericks and Xcode 5. Although much of it is still applicable, there have been significant changes in Xcode, its project templates, and the OS since. In particular, some techniques used to force screen updates no longer work in El Capitan, and tables default to a new form that differs from that used in many examples in the book (although the older-style cell-based tables continue to work). Unfortunately updating the book is not feasible at this time, but some of the issues are addressed here: 'AppleScriptObjC Explored' Errata and Addenda.

This is the definitive guide to building AppleScript-Cocoa applications in Xcode version 5 running under OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Mavericks introduces new syntax specifically for AppleScriptObjC projects, and the book and accompanying projects have been fully revised to cover this, as well as the important changes in Xcode 5.

Better than ever

Beginning with Mac OS X v10.6, AppleScript gained new powers through direct access to the abilities of Apple's Cocoa frameworks. For the first time, AppleScript-based applications could take advantage of the full suite of Cocoa application interface elements and tap directly into the power of Objective-C to call Cocoa methods, including those for manipulating text, images, windows, video, address and calendar databases, and much more.

AppleScriptObjC Explored by Shane Stanley is the guide to building AppleScript Objective-C applications. It guides you step-by-step through the process of integrating the power of Cocoa into your AppleScript applications, demonstrating each concept and technique in fully editable and annotated example projects.

Learn how to build document-based applications, to use WebKit to build your own simple browser, and techniques for keeping your interface responsive during time-consuming processes. Learn how to make project snapshots, how to perform shell scripts as separate tasks, how to swap views, and how to use images in tables. And brush up on trouble-shooting techniques.

“Shane did a magnificent job of packing information and tutorials
in a well-written book that is actually interesting to read. If you have
any interest in AppleScriptObjC at all, then spend the $30 and get it.”
—John C. Welch

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Your book is great. I was a former FaceSpan and AppleScript Studio user, but now I'm hooked.

The style this is written in is just perfect!

Now I'm excited about programming for the Mac again. Thank you!

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