Create an iTunes Photo Extra


Apple recently posted a devlopment kit for creating HMTL-based content for delivery in the iTunes store as iTunes Extras or iTunes LPs that can include video, audio, and images, combining into an overall media presentation.

Using the Mac OS X Snow Leopard service included on this webpage, you can automate the creation of an iTunes Photo Extra that displays your images in both in photo carousel and slideshow formats! An optional audio background clip can be included, and will play as viewers browse your images.

Try it yourself. Gather some images (horizontal shots work best), watch the short instuction video, and then download the service installer.


  1. Titles and authors are required.
  2. If a cover layout WITHOUT a story is chosen, enter the author information in the Photographer field. If a cover layout WITH a story is used, enter the story author name in the Author field, and the photo author name in the Photograher field.
  3. When including a story, make the first paragraph of the story, its title. The service will automatically uppercase and increase the size of the title text.
  4. An image's caption is derived from its embedded IPTC description (caption) data
  5. Audio source files of WAV, SDII, or AIFF format will be copied and encoded to ACC MP4 for inclusion in the iTunes Extra bundle